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Pastor Rich and his wife Marie Secor. They arrived in late September 2011 and have been in ministry preaching and teaching the gospel for 16 years. We are glad they have come to CrossPointe Family Church with their daughter Jade. Contact Pastor Rich at: (260) 599-0895 ext.407 pastorrich@thatonechurch.com.

Ministry Contacts:

Praise Team- Misty Parker (260) 854-3244 mistyp@thatonechurch.com

Sound Team- Bill Parker (260) 854-3244 billp@thatonechurch.com

Children - Vickie Jenkins   mamabear23@att.net

Youth - Marie Secor mariesecor@rocketmail.com

Men's Ministry - Mick Shaub (260) 242-9163 mcshaub@gmail.com

Women's Ministry - Cindy Shaub (260) 242-6083 clshaub@gmail.com

Web Site - Bill Parker billp@thatonechurch.com 

Our church secrataries will gladly help you if you call M-F 9am to 11 or leave a message and they will get back to you. 260-599-0895.